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The Climate Crisis is here

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The Climate Crisis is here

Climate heating is reaching catastrophic levels of drought, fires, floods, and displacement of populations due to atmospheric emissions of heat trapping gases from humans burning fossil fuels. Our planet is increasingly unlivable for vulnerable communities and nations, and we are falling far short of the investments needed to reverse these trends. In fact, we Americans in the U.S. have substantially increased our pursuit of fossil fuels at the expense of our livable future on planet Earth. 

Climate scientists tell us we need a 45% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030 to avoid losing our chance to reverse devastating warming trends around the world.

United Nations chief executive Antonio Guterras reports, “… for every dollar [the fossil fuel industry] spends on oil and gas drilling and exploration, only four cents went to clean energy and carbon capture combined. Trading the future for 30 pieces of silver is immoral,” he said. “The fossil fuel industry and its enablers have a special responsibility, he said, noting the record “$4 trillion windfall” in income last year [2022].