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About Dr. Hall

David C. Hall, MD

Greetings, colleagues and distressed families, 

Our children are precious. They can also drive us crazy at times. As a parent, it helps to put yourself in their shoes to understand the way their young brains work. Remember your own childhood at their ages and stay loving, calm, honest, and firm where it counts. They are the greatest treasures you will ever have, despite the headaches they sometimes incite. 

I am now mostly retired from a 40 year practice of Child Psychiatry, retiring after nine years with Island Hospital’s Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Clinic in Anacortes, Washington in February 2021. 

Download a free copy of the second or soon to be third edition of Stop Arguing and Start Understanding: Eight Steps to Solving Family Conflicts, my book about helping families in distress.

I will be uploading short essays on the Parenting page on parenting, ADHD, depression, anxiety, and other common childhood challenges.

If you would like to contact me directly with a personal question or comment, email me at Please, no solicitations. 

If you are seeking child psychiatry care, contact Island Hospital’s Psychiatry & Behavioral Health Clinic at (360) 299-4297 and see if Shad Ali, MD has openings. We were lucky to recruit him to take over my practice. I wish you all the very best.