Healing Your Family

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Expert advice focused on parents and others wanting to help heal struggling families

David C Hall MD -- Child Adolescent & Family Psychiatry

Hope and happiness can be a steep climb Here's a companion who knows the way

Greetings, I'm dr Hall

Healing your family Healing the planet

Listening and loving are the keys to a healthy and happy family, and a healthy sustainable planet.

Welcome to my website, built to bring you tools to heal yourself, your family, your community, and the planet. Pace yourself, and enjoy the journey!

My first book, published in 2001, has been an invaluable resource for parents and others who want to improve their relationships with their loved ones and create a more harmonious climate at home.

Struggling with communication issues, conflicts, or any other family problem? New insights and advice guide you to finding your path to healing and growth. 

Coming soon, a 22nd anniversary Edition, adding advocacy for healthy community and healthy  planet.

Washington has joined the national suicide prevention hotline.

Check it out. Call them.